Thank you for considering Metropolitan Nannies to help you find local nanny or babysitting opportunities. We strive to provide our nannies with rewarding and exciting opportunities that utilize their skills, background and education. If you possess loving, caring and all-around nurturing characteristics and have a strong desire to care for a young child or children, let Metropolitan Nannies match your experience and preferences with one of the many full-time, part-time and temporary job openings we have available today.

How do I become a Candidate with Metropolitan Nannies?

Step One: Complete the online application. Metropolitan Nannies covers the background check and screening costs for all candidates.

Step Two: Phone screen and personally interview in our office with the Owner.

Step Three: If not already certified, take CPR & First Aid Class with the American Red Cross or other local CPR training facility.

Step Four: Complete a profile that includes your education, qualifications and experience with families. Receive confirmation of your representation by Metropolitan Nannies. Keep Metropolitan Nannies informed of your schedule and availability.

Step Five: Start receiving job notifications via email.

All candidates must meet the minimum qualifications listed below for representation by Metropolitan Nannies:

•    At least 18 years of age
•    U.S. Citizen or Valid U.S. Work Permit
•    Fluent in English
•    High School equivalent or GED
•    At least 2 years of professional childcare experience
•    3 professional childcare references (non-family members)
•    Must own a fully insured vehicle and provide proof of auto insurance
•    Have a current driver’s license (that you will bring to the interview)
•    Must pass national, state and county criminal background checks and have a clean driving record
•    Must pass a sexual misconduct screening
•    Must personally meet and interview with Metropolitan Nannies
•    Must have current CPR certification or willing to be certified
•    Positive online and social media presence
•    Permanent Placements must be willing to make a 1-year commitment to Metropolitan Nannies
•    Must be willing to commit to the minimum standards of conduct and service excellence of Metropolitan Nannies

Nanny Position Types: Full-Time/Part-Time – Nanny will commit to working full-time or part-time hours for a full year of service.

Live-In / Live-Out – Live-In nannies will commit to living in the home of their assigned family.

Short-Term Care – Nanny will commit to work on an as needed basis.

Summer Placement – Nanny will commit to working required hours for summer childcare

Temporary Placement – Nanny will commit to work on an as-needed basis. This can include evening, weekend or a longer engagement with part or full-time hours. Temporary placement includes:

•    Before School
•    After School
•    Days
•    Evenings
•    Weekends
•    Overnight Care
•    Corporate and Group Care