Corporate & Group Application

Corporate & Group Application

Metropolitan Nannies will provide:

  • • Age appropriate Arts and Crafts for each child.
  • • Will provide games and movies for kids of different ages.
  • • Will keep the children grouped; no more than 5/10 children to 1 nanny.
  • • Will allow one central phone number for parents, if they need to call to check in on their child.
  • • Metropolitan Nannies will provide additional Nannies with a 24 hours’ notice, in case the number increases beyond the expected numbers at a cost of $40 reservation fee per nanny and $20 an hour per nanny. *Final invoice will be delivered the following business day if applicable. Final Invoice must be paid within 2 weeks of receiving invoice to avoid late fees.

Client/Hotel will provide:

  1. Rooms for childcare: 1 room per 25 children.
  2. 1 Meal per each nanny per day for events lasting 5 or more hours. (MN can accommodate for a minimal cost)
  3. Parking passes for each nanny. (If applicable)

We pride ourselves on providing the safest and most qualified professionals in the industry. All of our childcare providers exceed the national requirements set forth by the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies. This includes:

  • • A thorough nanny application.
  • • Proof that each nanny is legally authorized to work in the United States.
  • • An in-person interview of each prospective nanny.
  • • Reference checks for each nanny to include: childcare, and/or employment, and personal references.
  • • A background check on candidates in localities in which the candidate has resided and/or worked for a specific number of years, including a check of criminal and motor vehicle records if driving is required.
  • • A CPR certificate for infant, toddler and adult CPR.
  • As mentioned above, our Childcare providers exceed these minimum requirements.

Depending on the size of the upcoming event, we typically have two or more rooms that can be divided by age. We have a strict policy in place regarding the nanny-to-child ratio. Here are the ratios:

  • • Children under 15 months old; two children per one childcare provider.
  • • Children between 15 months old and three years old; three children per one childcare provider.
  • • Children ages four years old to 7 years old; five children per one childcare provider.
  • • Children ages 8 years old and above; ten children per one childcare provider.
  • • Children with any special needs; one child per one childcare provider.

We do not allow children to participate in the group if they are not feeling well and

  1. They have a fever,
  2. Heavy green nasal discharge,
  3. Persistent coughing, and
  4. Other contagious sickness.

In such cases, we will gladly provide a childcare provider to care for your child/ren in a separate setting. Additional fees may apply.

*Contract between Metropolitan Nannies and Client must be signed by both parties.

By initialing here, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the terms of agreement.